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About Us

The brand

Skilled hands of an artisan are dancing - steadily, confidently, lovingly. Her every move is precise and on-point, her every stitch is meticulously measured. The wisdom of ancestors, the beauty of traditional techniques and the blossoming empowerment of modern craftswomen of Morocco - that is what DOUM is about.

Founded in Marrakech by Samira & Yasmine, a mother-daughter duo passionate about fashion and willing to make an impact on local fashion scene, DOUM is synonymous with craftsmanship, accessible luxury and a delicate sense of beauty. 

What started with manufacturing of luxury handcrafted bags, is now a place of power for over 200 women that weave their heritage, respect and care into every stitch of DOUM bag. These ladies become empowered and financially independent, keeping traditions in a modern way and sharing their passion and their craft to the world.

DOUM is more than just a brand - it is a community. 


Our philosophy

The soul of our brand are our artisans - skilled and experienced, they help us create high quality products with respect to nature and traditions. Built on a solid foundation of craftsmanship, DOUM embodies a fresh take on modern classics - easy-to-wear, versatile items that are chic and contemporary, designed to elevate everyday look. 

«Purchasing a DOUM bag gives you a sense of confidence and joy - due to its beauty, but also due to the fact that you help more than 200 women within our cooperative to have a stable and fair income. Together we make a world a more fair and beautiful place!» - Samira & Yasmine.