Our Impact

Our Responsability

Sustainability in fashion is no longer an ideal; it’s an imperative. Like our customers, our awareness of the social and environmental impact of the luxury fashion industry is growing.

DOUM is committed to producing sustainable accessories, so we are improving our practices to reduce waste and operates sustainably and ethically.

Our approach is one of continual improvement we recognize that there is always more that we can do. We’re creating a production chain that improves social and environmental returns and enhances long-term investor value.

Guided by our sustainability committee, we’re working towards our objectives by :

  • Maintaining high standards of honest, ethical and legal business behaviors at all times.
  • Complying with all applicable international and Moroccan laws, regulations and statutory obligations relating to environmental issues.
  • Engaging with our international and domestic suppliers to improve the sustainability performance of our supply chain.
  • Conserving resources we use including the maintenance of an effective energy conservation strategy wherever possible.